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Magician’s Academy

Type: Anime about a magic academy were naughty jokes happens.

Synopsis: A magician accidentally summons a super strong and super busty young girl who threatens to throw the balance of power between Angels and Demons asunder. Then the magician’s equally busty and young vampire cousin moves in with him out of jealousy. Then a busty Angel and Demon show up to keep on eye on them. Then a thing turns into a bustier young girl and moves in with the three students. Then this really gay angel storms the school. Then, then, ah, someone dies (but not really).

Pros: Magician’s Academy (or Macademi Wasshoi!) has a good size cast that are all insane in their own special way. Tanarotte (summoned girl) is incredibly child like and naive, but always up for a destructive fight. Suzuho (vampire cousin) is prone to jealousy and never talks unless really pissed off. Eitarou Sakuma is the real prize: a super powerful sensei who is also a merciless otoku. The sheer crazyness of the show is what makes it worth while.

Cons: The show has a serious problem with misogyny. Tanarotte is basically a child. Sazuho literally cannot talk. One of the female characters is an actual object! The Angel/Demon pair are big boobed girls used for gratuitous fan service. Another female character only gets off if electrocuted. The gay angel episode….just….just the gay angel episode…

Watch it?: Only if you are not easily offended. (3/5)

MVP: Eitarou Sakuma

Always delivers the biggest laughs.

Best Episode: Ep.5 “Somehow something was revived” (as offensive as it is, its still so damn funny)

Video Summary: Here

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My Bride is a Mermaid

Type: Mermaid lovin’–Japanese style.

Synopsis: Kid (Nagasumi Michishio) gets rescued by a mermaid (Sun Seto) from drowning. Turns out shes an underwater Yazuka princess with a severely overprotective father/mafia don. Kid’s forced to marry the mermaid or face execution for discovering the secrets of the deep. The newlyweds and her family move in with the kid’s family, bringing with them a whale of a wanna be fiance, an insane mermaid idol, and a mildly violent sea cop. Cue laugh track and generic 90’s light rock.

Pros: Funny. Very Funny. The show goes for wacky laughs and nonsensical cutaways that work so well. Add to the recipe your occasional fan service (in speech, not imagery) laugh to spice up an already great anime. The show even has running gags! (Masa-san!) Even the English version is great!

Cons:….wait….I can think of something…..oh! I know! The, ah, age of the main cast. Their all in middle school, making some of the fan servicy laughs kind of creepy in retrospect. But that’s about it.

Watch it?: Only if you love great anime! (5/5)

MVP: Gozaburo Seto

He’ll punch anyone on this, the day of his daughter’s wedding.

Best Episode: Ep.2 “The Lord of the Ring” (young love is so bold!).

Video Summary: Here

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Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

Type: Child soldier goes to school and hilarity ensues.

Synopsis: A school in Japan plays host to a war freak named Sousuke Sagara. The only thing keeping him under control is his ultra violent girlfriend (?) named Kaname Chidori. But they come together through Sousuke’s furry fetish in the form of Bonta-Kun (mecha-mouse with a bowler hat).

Pros: Funny and short. Sousuke’s military act is perfectly balanced with Chidori’s miniscule patience. Every time Chidori smacked Sousuke for acting like a fool, you can’t help but fall to the floor with laughter. The show has slapstick comedy that is seriously missing in modern animes. One of my particular favorite moments involves Bunta Kun, a banana, and a shower (and thats all I gatta say).

Cons: FMP tends to dance with the high school comedy troupes that diminishes its slap stick nature. The classic beach, date, and hot spring hotel episodes are all here. Their funny, but the funny is dispersed. Luckily, the funny moments outshine the generic ones.

Watch it?: Of Course. (4/5)

MVP: Sausuke Sagara

Unemotional military savant in a world he never made.

Best Episode: Ep. 12 “5th Period Hot Spot” (the real beauty of the human spirit)

Video Summary: Here

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Girls Bravo (Season 1 & 2)

Type: Whimpy guy is allergic to girls comedy

Synopsis: This dude named Yukinari is allergic to girls, so naturally he’s loved by his busty neighbor, two alien girls, and a witch. Lots of T&A, one hardcore pervert, and some alien-parallel world nonsense, and you got yourself an anime tv show.

Pros: Honestly, Girls Bravo’s biggest strength is its fan service. The show is able to use fan service and Yukinari’s allergy to elevate itself one foot above forgettable. The best examples of this are scenes with Miharu (pink alien with big boobs) and Kirie (neighbor with big boobs). Miharu’s alien modesty lets the show get away with some pretty riske stuff (like with bananas). Add to this Kirie’s attack on all things perverted, and you got an anime worth watching (she’s introduced to the audience through an after shower drying for crying out loud!).

Cons: The show lacks any real depth. I mean, you buy into the premise (alien girls that travel to Earth via a bath tub, why not?), but not into that characters. This is another love comedy where the real strength is distributed between the two main female characters (Miharu and Kirie), making the other three less interesting by comparison. Another big problem is the character named Fukuyama. He’s a pervert. Like a real one. Like he fondles girls breast. Like he tried to molest a 10 year old once. So, yeah.

Watch it?: If you got time. (2/5)

MVP: Kirie Kojima

Hot girl with a good head on her shoulders, and loves wrestling!

Best Episode: Ep.8 “Lots of Bravo!” (Clones of Miharu invade the world, nuff said)

Video Summary: Here

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Type: Magician’s try to pressure a teenage boy into making babies.

Synopsis: Guy named Shikamori lives in a world where social status is determined by how much magic you can do. Shikimori can only do magic 8 times. But it turns out that his son or daughter will be the strongest magician in history, making him the target of Japan’s elite families, and their hot daughters.

Pros: Maburaho had a lot going against it. The animation style is generic. The fan service is weak. The humor isn’t particularly strong or original. Yet, I can’t help finding it charming. The girls that follow Shikamori are the typical Wife,  Flirt, and Tsundere characters, but their still fun to watch. It’s most surprising feature is that Shikimori isn’t all that annoying. He’s the typical nice, selfless, and meek protagonist, but you still like him. The show is just different enough to make it watchable.

Cons: As you can tell from the above, Mahuraho’s biggest flaw is its genericness. The show throws a twist at the beginning, middle, and end, but all the in-between is your standard anime fair. Ooh, one of the girls doesn’t like him. Oh no! The girl has some sort of problem. Watch out, Shikimori helps the girl out. Turn out the girl’s never been helped at all, leading her to have an everlasting love for him. Rinse and repeat.

Watch it?:…ah……Hmmm…..yeah. (3/5)

MVP: Yuna Miyama

The cute girl with a bit of crazy in her.

Best Episode: Ep. 24 “It Ended…” (for cramming all the best parts of the series in twenty minutes)

Video Summary: Here

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Type: Anime about loving semi-intelligent robot women.

Synopsis: A wanna-be college student finds a discarded robot girl (Chii), turns her on, and…ah….decides to keep it. Turns out their may be more to her than meets the eye, so he spends most of the show trying to investigate what makes her tick while simultaneously trying to teach her how to act human.

Pros:…Chii is kinda cute.

Cons: Chobits is….Chobits falls short in….O.k. Real talk? Chobits sucks. A lot. At first you think its ganna be this funny little anime revolving around a naive robot girl and her shmuck of an owner. But nope. That’s thrown out the window after the second episode. The rest of the show deals with the question “Can robots love?” The question the audience ends up asking is “Can a show about cute robots that deals with such a profound issue really be this boring?” The answer is yes, yes, yes.

Watch it?: NO. NO. NO. (2/5)

MVP: Chii

…Someone had to be.

Best Episode: None. (They all blow)

Video Summary: Here

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Type: High School love comedy involving a gangbager and a twelve year old (sort of)

Synopsis: This guy named Dragon accidentally meets this girl named Tiger, starting a semi romantic trip down shinanigan alley. Dragon looks like a gangbanger and is in love with Tiger’s hyperactive best friend, while Tiger looks like jailbait and is in love with Dragon’s four eyed friend. There’s also a Japanese idol that’s only there for T&A and to piss off Tiger.

Pros: The relationship between Dragon and Tiger is the show’s biggest strength. You really buy into their friendship and the fact that they have each other’s back. The romantic elements evolve slowly, making you root for the day when they finally hook up. The show also has this cool style and attitude that makes you feel somewhat nostalgic for your own high school days.

Cons: The show, like most high school love comedies, gets too melodramatic at times. Melodrama is fine and good, but too much of it diminishes its impact. The other weak point is Dragon’s four eye’d friend, Kitamura. Kitamura is Tiger’s initial romantic interest, but for the life of me I have no idea why. He’s boring and kind of out of place in the anime.

Watch it?: Yes (4/5)

MVP: Taiga Aisaka

Feisty and cute at the same time. Awesome.

Best Episode: Ep. 19“Christmas Eve Festival” (I love Christmas)

Video Summary: Here

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School Rumble (Season 1 & 2)

Type: School comedy about teenagers going to school

Synopsis: This guy named Kenji Harima likes this girl named Tenma Tsukamoto who likes this guy named Kurasuma Ooji. Meanwhile, Tenma’s sister, Yakumo, loves Harima along side one of Tenma’s friends named Eri Sawachika. There’s also this square named Hanai who likes Yakumo, but is also sort of in love with his own childhood friend named Mikoto Sou. Then there’s this other relationship involving a shy girl named Karen, her Mexican rival Lara and a pervert named Imadori. I think a giraffe show’s up sometimes too.

Pros: The myriad of characters. You’d think that a show with this huge a cast would get lost in itself, but it never happens. You get easily invested in these character’s dumb little high school problems. The comedy istop notch, from funny one liners to crazy situations that work. The most fun comes from Harima’s whole character arc and his puppy love for Tenma. The English voice cast was phenomenal. Even better than the Japanese. The localization is awesome.

Cons: Its a high school comedy, and it shows. There are a lot of very moments that can be classified as very “high school.” Melodramatic. There’s also the myriad of characters. The real strength of the show is the relationships that revolve around Harima, Tenma, Yakumo, and Eri. This means that any show that doesn’t spotlight one of them is weaker for it.

Watch It?: Absolutely (4/5)

MVP: Harima Kenji

The bad boy with the heart of gold.

Best Episode: S2, Ep.19 “Here, There and Everywhere, Christmas! A Dash for Christmas! A Shattered Christmas!” (so satisfying)

Video Summary: Here

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Tenchi Muyo! GXP

Type: Comedy harem with space things (again) and winter-spring romances.

Synopsis: This guy named  Seina Yamata is going to his local shrine when a giant space ship lands on him. He’s rescued by this hot blonde chick who turns out to be recruiting for the Galaxy Police. Stuff happens involving his extremely bad luck, space pirates, and furries. Oh, and every girl interested in Seina is about 5 years his senior, and the oldest is 15 years older. But their still hot, so that makes it o.k. I guess….

Watch It?: eh, depends. (2/5)

Tenchi Muyo! GXP good, but it’s not great. GXP is a proper 26 episode anime with an actual plot. Not a great plot, but a plot none the less. It starts with Seina joining the GXP, his promotion to Captain of his own ship, and his raise to fame due to his dealings with the space pirates. But their are points when GXP wants to be something its not. GXP is a harem comedy with science-fiction elements, not science-fiction with comedic elements. The “serious” moments of the show feel forced and out of place. Its hard to take Amane (blond space cop) comforting Seina after a traumatic mission when every other moment with her focuses on how jiggly her breasts are.

Another problem is Seina himself. Seina is nice. Super nice. Annoyingly nice. On top of that he’s not that assertive, and way too humble. He’s basically a passive player in his own anime. If not for the strength of his supporting cast, GXP would be un-watchable. But what a supporting cast! Amane the seductive blonde space cop, Kiriko the jealous childhood friend/ 30 year old, well, 30 year old. Then theirs Ryoko the hot space pirate/furry, and finally Neju, the younger sister type who is ironically the oldest out of the bunch. Not to mention the much loved new characters to the Tenchi Universe: Seto “Devis Princess” Jurai and Airi Masaki (Tenchi Masaki’s great-grandmother and grandmother respectively, and Seina’s bosses). So, if your a fan of Tenchi Muyo anime, not too thrown off the the serious age differences in GXP, and patient with your anime, then watch it. If not, pass.

MVP: Amane

Blonde, big boobed, flirty, and knows it.

Best Episode: Ep.12 Kamidake Seriously Damaged (solely for the fact that it has the best Ryoko-Seina scene in the entire series)

Video Summary: Here

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Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki

Type: Comedy harem with space things and sometimes incest.


Synopsis: This guy named Tenchi Masaki is training to be a monk or something when he accidentally frees a demon who turns out to be an alien girl. Later he finds out that the girl, named Ryoko, is actually a wanted space pirate. Add two space princesses, a space scientist, and a space cop, and you have the basic premise.

Watch It?: Sure. (3/5)

Tenchi Muyo! is pretty funny for an early 1990’s harem. The animation won’t blow you away and the fan service is weak, but the characters are likable. The anime follows that traditional harem troupe of establishing a love triangle, then adding additional women for fun. The rivalry between Ryoko (space pirate) and Ayeka (space princess) is gold, and Mihoshi’s (space cop) blonde dummy act is priceless. The anime does fall victim to having a plot that only show’s up when it wants to, but given its OVA nature, that can be forgiven.

The one flaw that may turn you away is Tenchi Muyo!’s dance with the topic of incest. One of Tenchi’s main love interests is actually his great Aunt (did I mention that none of the aliens age? Cause that’s important) who was really eager to marry Tenchi’s grandfather (a.k.a. her brother). Not to mention that Tenchi’s own sister (who helped raise him) and his grandmother both seem to be warm for his form. But these incident are thankfully few and far between.

MVP: Ryoko

She’s brash, rude, and a drunk. What’s not to love!

Best Episode: Ep.1 Ryoko Resurrected (“You are one sexy demon” wink.)

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