Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki

Type: Comedy harem with space things and sometimes incest.


Synopsis: This guy named Tenchi Masaki is training to be a monk or something when he accidentally frees a demon who turns out to be an alien girl. Later he finds out that the girl, named Ryoko, is actually a wanted space pirate. Add two space princesses, a space scientist, and a space cop, and you have the basic premise.

Watch It?: Sure. (3/5)

Tenchi Muyo! is pretty funny for an early 1990’s harem. The animation won’t blow you away and the fan service is weak, but the characters are likable. The anime follows that traditional harem troupe of establishing a love triangle, then adding additional women for fun. The rivalry between Ryoko (space pirate) and Ayeka (space princess) is gold, and Mihoshi’s (space cop) blonde dummy act is priceless. The anime does fall victim to having a plot that only show’s up when it wants to, but given its OVA nature, that can be forgiven.

The one flaw that may turn you away is Tenchi Muyo!’s dance with the topic of incest. One of Tenchi’s main love interests is actually his great Aunt (did I mention that none of the aliens age? Cause that’s important) who was really eager to marry Tenchi’s grandfather (a.k.a. her brother). Not to mention that Tenchi’s own sister (who helped raise him) and his grandmother both seem to be warm for his form. But these incident are thankfully few and far between.

MVP: Ryoko

She’s brash, rude, and a drunk. What’s not to love!

Best Episode: Ep.1 Ryoko Resurrected (“You are one sexy demon” wink.)

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