School Rumble (Season 1 & 2)

Type: School comedy about teenagers going to school

Synopsis: This guy named Kenji Harima likes this girl named Tenma Tsukamoto who likes this guy named Kurasuma Ooji. Meanwhile, Tenma’s sister, Yakumo, loves Harima along side one of Tenma’s friends named Eri Sawachika. There’s also this square named Hanai who likes Yakumo, but is also sort of in love with his own childhood friend named Mikoto Sou. Then there’s this other relationship involving a shy girl named Karen, her Mexican rival Lara and a pervert named Imadori. I think a giraffe show’s up sometimes too.

Pros: The myriad of characters. You’d think that a show with this huge a cast would get lost in itself, but it never happens. You get easily invested in these character’s dumb little high school problems. The comedy is top notch, from funny one liners to crazy situations that work. The most fun comes from Harima’s whole character arc and his puppy love for Tenma. The English voice cast was phenomenal. Even better than the Japanese. The localization is awesome.

Cons: Its a high school comedy, and it shows. There are a lot of very moments that can be classified as very “high school.” Melodramatic. There’s also the myriad of characters. The real strength of the show is the relationships that revolve around Harima, Tenma, Yakumo, and Eri. This means that any show that doesn’t spotlight one of them is weaker for it.

Watch It?: Absolutely (4/5)

MVP: Harima Kenji

The bad boy with the heart of gold.

Best Episode: S2, Ep.19 “Here, There and Everywhere, Christmas! A Dash for Christmas! A Shattered Christmas!” (so satisfying)

Video Summary: Here

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