Type: High School love comedy involving a gangbager and a twelve year old (sort of)

Synopsis: This guy named Dragon accidentally meets this girl named Tiger, starting a semi romantic trip down shinanigan alley. Dragon looks like a gangbanger and is in love with Tiger’s hyperactive best friend, while Tiger looks like jailbait and is in love with Dragon’s four eyed friend. There’s also a Japanese idol that’s only there for T&A and to piss off Tiger.

Pros: The relationship between Dragon and Tiger is the show’s biggest strength. You really buy into their friendship and the fact that they have each other’s back. The romantic elements evolve slowly, making you root for the day when they finally hook up. The show also has this cool style and attitude that makes you feel somewhat nostalgic for your own high school days.

Cons: The show, like most high school love comedies, gets too melodramatic at times. Melodrama is fine and good, but too much of it diminishes its impact. The other weak point is Dragon’s four eye’d friend, Kitamura. Kitamura is Tiger’s initial romantic interest, but for the life of me I have no idea why. He’s boring and kind of out of place in the anime.

Watch it?: Yes (4/5)

MVP: Taiga Aisaka

Feisty and cute at the same time. Awesome.

Best Episode: Ep. 19“Christmas Eve Festival” (I love Christmas)

Video Summary: Here

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One thought on “Toradora!

  1. […] Your investment in everything other than the Okami/Ryoshi is thin. The show also has a very “anime adopted from a light novel” feel, especially when we get the obligatory episode that melodramatically depicts the […]

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