Type: Magician’s try to pressure a teenage boy into making babies.

Synopsis: Guy named Shikamori lives in a world where social status is determined by how much magic you can do. Shikimori can only do magic 8 times. But it turns out that his son or daughter will be the strongest magician in history, making him the target of Japan’s elite families, and their hot daughters.

Pros: Maburaho had a lot going against it. The animation style is generic. The fan service is weak. The humor isn’t particularly strong or original. Yet, I can’t help finding it charming. The girls that follow Shikamori are the typical Wife,  Flirt, and Tsundere characters, but their still fun to watch. It’s most surprising feature is that Shikimori isn’t all that annoying. He’s the typical nice, selfless, and meek protagonist, but you still like him. The show is just different enough to make it watchable.

Cons: As you can tell from the above, Mahuraho’s biggest flaw is its genericness. The show throws a twist at the beginning, middle, and end, but all the in-between is your standard anime fair. Ooh, one of the girls doesn’t like him. Oh no! The girl has some sort of problem. Watch out, Shikimori helps the girl out. Turn out the girl’s never been helped at all, leading her to have an everlasting love for him. Rinse and repeat.

Watch it?:…ah……Hmmm…..yeah. (3/5)

MVP: Yuna Miyama

The cute girl with a bit of crazy in her.

Best Episode: Ep. 24 “It Ended…” (for cramming all the best parts of the series in twenty minutes)

Video Summary: Here

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