Girls Bravo (Season 1 & 2)

Type: Whimpy guy is allergic to girls comedy

Synopsis: This dude named Yukinari is allergic to girls, so naturally he’s loved by his busty neighbor, two alien girls, and a witch. Lots of T&A, one hardcore pervert, and some alien-parallel world nonsense, and you got yourself an anime tv show.

Pros: Honestly, Girls Bravo’s biggest strength is its fan service. The show is able to use fan service and Yukinari’s allergy to elevate itself one foot above forgettable. The best examples of this are scenes with Miharu (pink alien with big boobs) and Kirie (neighbor with big boobs). Miharu’s alien modesty lets the show get away with some pretty riske stuff (like with bananas). Add to this Kirie’s attack on all things perverted, and you got an anime worth watching (she’s introduced to the audience through an after shower drying for crying out loud!).

Cons: The show lacks any real depth. I mean, you buy into the premise (alien girls that travel to Earth via a bath tub, why not?), but not into that characters. This is another love comedy where the real strength is distributed between the two main female characters (Miharu and Kirie), making the other three less interesting by comparison. Another big problem is the character named Fukuyama. He’s a pervert. Like a real one. Like he fondles girls breast. Like he tried to molest a 10 year old once. So, yeah.

Watch it?: If you got time. (2/5)

MVP: Kirie Kojima

Hot girl with a good head on her shoulders, and loves wrestling!

Best Episode: Ep.8 “Lots of Bravo!” (Clones of Miharu invade the world, nuff said)

Video Summary: Here

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