Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

Type: Child soldier goes to school and hilarity ensues.

Synopsis: A school in Japan plays host to a war freak named Sousuke Sagara. The only thing keeping him under control is his ultra violent girlfriend (?) named Kaname Chidori. But they come together through Sousuke’s furry fetish in the form of Bonta-Kun (mecha-mouse with a bowler hat).

Pros: Funny and short. Sousuke’s military act is perfectly balanced with Chidori’s miniscule patience. Every time Chidori smacked Sousuke for acting like a fool, you can’t help but fall to the floor with laughter. The show has slapstick comedy that is seriously missing in modern animes. One of my particular favorite moments involves Bunta Kun, a banana, and a shower (and thats all I gatta say).

Cons: FMP tends to dance with the high school comedy troupes that diminishes its slap stick nature. The classic beach, date, and hot spring hotel episodes are all here. Their funny, but the funny is dispersed. Luckily, the funny moments outshine the generic ones.

Watch it?: Of Course. (4/5)

MVP: Sausuke Sagara

Unemotional military savant in a world he never made.

Best Episode: Ep. 12 “5th Period Hot Spot” (the real beauty of the human spirit)

Video Summary: Here

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