My Bride is a Mermaid

Type: Mermaid lovin’–Japanese style.

Synopsis: Kid (Nagasumi Michishio) gets rescued by a mermaid (Sun Seto) from drowning. Turns out shes an underwater Yazuka princess with a severely overprotective father/mafia don. Kid’s forced to marry the mermaid or face execution for discovering the secrets of the deep. The newlyweds and her family move in with the kid’s family, bringing with them a whale of a wanna be fiance, an insane mermaid idol, and a mildly violent sea cop. Cue laugh track and generic 90’s light rock.

Pros: Funny. Very Funny. The show goes for wacky laughs and nonsensical cutaways that work so well. Add to the recipe your occasional fan service (in speech, not imagery) laugh to spice up an already great anime. The show even has running gags! (Masa-san!) Even the English version is great!

Cons:….wait….I can think of something…..oh! I know! The, ah, age of the main cast. Their all in middle school, making some of the fan servicy laughs kind of creepy in retrospect. But that’s about it.

Watch it?: Only if you love great anime! (5/5)

MVP: Gozaburo Seto

He’ll punch anyone on this, the day of his daughter’s wedding.

Best Episode: Ep.2 “The Lord of the Ring” (young love is so bold!).

Video Summary: Here

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