Magician’s Academy

Type: Anime about a magic academy were naughty jokes happens.

Synopsis: A magician accidentally summons a super strong and super busty young girl who threatens to throw the balance of power between Angels and Demons asunder. Then the magician’s equally busty and young vampire cousin moves in with him out of jealousy. Then a busty Angel and Demon show up to keep on eye on them. Then a thing turns into a bustier young girl and moves in with the three students. Then this really gay angel storms the school. Then, then, ah, someone dies (but not really).

Pros: Magician’s Academy (or Macademi Wasshoi!) has a good size cast that are all insane in their own special way. Tanarotte (summoned girl) is incredibly child like and naive, but always up for a destructive fight. Suzuho (vampire cousin) is prone to jealousy and never talks unless really pissed off. Eitarou Sakuma is the real prize: a super powerful sensei who is also a merciless otoku. The sheer crazyness of the show is what makes it worth while.

Cons: The show has a serious problem with misogyny. Tanarotte is basically a child. Sazuho literally cannot talk. One of the female characters is an actual object! The Angel/Demon pair are big boobed girls used for gratuitous fan service. Another female character only gets off if electrocuted. The gay angel episode….just….just the gay angel episode

Watch it?: Only if you are not easily offended. (3/5)

MVP: Eitarou Sakuma

Always delivers the biggest laughs.

Best Episode: Ep.5 “Somehow something was revived” (as offensive as it is, its still so damn funny)

Video Summary: Here

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