Ah My Buddha! (Season 1 & 2)

Type: Buddhist temple full of hot nuns and one pervert monk.

Synopsis: A monk named Ikko is the most powerful monk in the world, but his powers can only be activated through the power of nudity! Enter six hot girls, three of whom have really big boobs. Season One has a bunch of hijinks and nipple burgers. Season Two gets more of a story with the intro of a blond nun with big boobs. But not to worry, cause there’s still nudity galore! Hooray!

Pros: The show’s biggest strength was it’s concept. A monk whose secret powers can only be activated by getting turned on had a lot of potential. The real strong jokes come from having the girls strip (either purposely or not) in order to get out of a jam. As ecchi animes go, that’s a pretty promising premise.

Cons: The show is structurally weak. None of the stories are that memorable or funny. The show fails to live up to its ecchi potential by trying to be serious at some points, as this makes it enter the generic. The second season is especially guilty of this, as it gets darker in tone, and far more generic. It actually adopts the harem troupe of devoting an episode of two to the girls’s relationship with the protagonist, which screams cookie-cutter.

Watch it?: Nah. (2/5)

MVP: Kazuki Kazusano

Only character to show signs of true comedic genius.

Best Episode: Honestly, I cant really recommend one. (Their all forgettable)

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