Arakawa Under the Bridge (Season 1 & 2)

Type: Preppy loses his pants and finds himself under the bridge.

Synopsis: Kou Ichinomiya is on the cusp of ruling the corporate world, until a gang of toughs steal his pants, and then becomes a love slave to this Venutian named Nino for saving his life. He joins her hobo village (cause that’s what you do) run by a Kappa (democratically elected), has a love rival in a star-man, is mentored by a cross dressing nun, and ends up tutoring the children of the village comprising of robot twins and Yakuza aspirant in the form of a little blonde girl. Things then get real when his father attempts to destroy the village, forcing Kou (now Recruit) to use his Wall Street skills to save the day. But before that, there’s also a samurai, a mercenary, a bird mobster, a mafia princess dressed like a bee, and an OCD baseball man. So…best anime ever.

Pros: This show is weird, so weird that it’s awesome. The show is composed of these strange character’s and it uses  Kou to play surrogate for the audience to ease us into them. We go from being surprised and perhaps put off to actually loving them. The anime has a heart behind all the surrealism. Each of the character’s live the way they like, and teach us that there’s nothing wrong with that at all. The only thing that’s wrong is judging them for not doing what we think they should. In fact, Kou’s introduction to the village actually amplifies his own inner weirdness (such as his arrogance and hatred of debts), which shows us that we’re all kinda weird in our own ways. All the anime is saying is to just to be cool with everyone. And that’s cool….also, big ups for showing a kiss in the opening sequence.

Cons: The show is weird, so it may turn people off. It’s perfectly weird by Japanese standards, which makes it weirder for anyone overseas. But honestly, if you can get over this then you’re good.

Watch it?: Oh my God, Yes! (5/5)

MVP: Nino

Mission Accomplished

Best Episode: S2, Ep. 3 “3 Bridge X 2” (Perfect blend of weirdness and emotion)

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