Baka and Test- Summon the Beasts (Season 1 & 2)

Type: Moron and friends try to gain respect through Academic Testing.

Synopsis: A school segregated via tests scores uses academic status to create a hierarchy meant to encourage its students to do better (cause all hierarchies work that way). The main plot revolves around the remedial class, specifically a moron, a flat chested girl, a big boobed girl, a pervert, a pretty boy, and a red hair boy who for some weird reason hates the fact that a hot girl is literally trying to jump his bones on multiple occasions. The idiots decide to declare war on the elitist system of the school (sort of) and use dirty/clever tactics to win victory after victory. For Freedom!

Pros: Shows funny….huh…should probably elaborate. The show’s main cast is it’s strength. Which is rare for an anime that has a love triangle. Akihisa Yoshii (moron) is your nice protagonist, but he’s also stupid and is hated for being automatically loved by most of the girls. Minami Shimada (flat chested) is spunky, quick to anger, but brave, which really makes you root for her. Hideyoshi Kinoshita’s (pretty boy) plight/use as super pretty boy is classic. Kōta Tsuchiya (pervert) is a funny pervert. Yūji Sakamoto (red hair) isn’t that funny, but his dealings with the hot girl that likes him makes him indispensable. The cast makes the show, and all episodes that focus on the cast are definitely the strongest.

Cons: The character that was left out of the above slurp fest was the big boobed girl named Mizuki Himeji. She’s just a big boobed and soft spoken character. Her character is literally on every damn anime in existence in all 52 parallel world. The added factor of summoning battles makes the show different, but it also kinda restricts that show in what it can do. You know that sooner or later the show will go back to summon battles. Doesn’t make the show bad, just weaker.

Watch it?: Go for it. (4/5)

MVP: Minami Shimada

As cute as Mary Tyler Moore, and as funny as Lucille Ball

Best Episode: S2, Ep.4 “Me, My True Colors, and a Man’s Dignity!” (No secret is safe in the game of life!)

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