Ōkami-san & Her Seven Companions

Type: Fairy Tales done through the eyes of Japanese Anime.

Synopsis: Dude starts stalking a girl who doubles as a street fighter. She finds out, doesn’t call the cops (cause this is an anime after all), and lets him join her club. Said club functions by doing and banking favors among their school’s populous (so far in a non-sexual nature). So basically its like the movie Goodfellas mixed with Disney, all in a Japanese mold. Delicious.

Pros: Okami’s (not the game) strong on the comedic slapstick and romantic fronts. Okami (the girl) plays the Tsundere character perfectly. Her denial of all feelings for affection towards Ryoshi (her stalker) is very charming, and definitely deliver the best laughs. In fact, it would be difficult to argue against the assertion that the real draw to the show is watching Okami and Ryoshi grow closer together. Whether in funny scenes or serious scenes, the bond between the two makes you believe that they’ll go the distance. The fact that both are based on the Wolf and Hunter in the Little Red Riding Hood story makes their interactions all the more interesting.

Cons: Every character outside of the Okami/Ryoshi relationship are boring to watch. The Otogi Bank (debt bank) staff  aren’t interesting. We get it, the president is a cross-dresser. Big whoop. Oh, one of the girls is based on the ugly duckling/turtle and the hare story? Who cares. Your investment in everything other than the Okami/Ryoshi is thin. The show also has a very “anime adopted from a light novel” feel, especially when we get the obligatory episode that melodramatically depicts the origins of the main cast. So while you will enjoy the show, it won’t blow you away.

Watch it?: Yes, but only for Okami and Ryoshi (4/5)

MVP: Ryoko Okami

She’ll kick your ass even with butterflies in the stomach

Best Episode: Ep. 7 “Ōkami-san Goes on a Double Date with Jizō-san” (Its so cute yet so sad)

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