Green Green

Type: Male dorm and female integrated for a summer (cue sexy music here).

Synopsis: So this dude lives in a all-male school when the school board decides to gender integrate for the summer (apparently). Things get weird when this girl with big boobs suddenly shows up and begins to stock him. *Spoiler Alert* It may have involved time travel. *Spoiler Alert 2* The epilogue episode is a, ahem, an adult episode.

Pros: O.k. pros. pros. This thing did have some pros. I know it did. Let me think….come one…think, think, think….maybe…Futaba Kutsuki? Yeah. She’s fun. She’s your typical tsundere character. She’s cool because she hates every male character and the whole situation in general. For some reason, that spoke to me.

Cons: Boring stories. Annoying characters. Stupid ending. Hell, even its fan service is weak. This anime is based on a hentai game! Think about those last two sentences for a few minutes. Then their’s the main character. Yuusuke is your typical harem lead, expect that he seems to hate Midori (big boobed future girl). He actually made me feel appreciation for all the meek loser that pepper 90% of harems. And that’s not a good thing.

Watch it?: No. Please don’t. I beg you. Don’t. (1/5)

MVP: Futaba Kutsuki

It’s like her annoyance is a reflection of my soul

Best Episode: Doesn’t matter. I know which you’ll watch. (just lock the door)

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