K-ON! (Season 1 & 2)

Type: Cute anime about cute girls starting a cute band

Synopsis: Four high school girls decide to join the “light music club” (or pop rock club). They then set themselves on becoming the best damn band they can. They use the ancient musical practice of having tea and cakes in place of practicing (little known fact, this was the same thing The Beatles did). They later add a second guitarist for hazing purposes.

Pros: This show is incredibly cute. I think the correct category of cute is “Moe.” The animation style is cute. The mannerism of the main cast is cute. The dialogue is cute. Its just cute. Better yet, the cute factor doesn’t get annoying. The show blends cute and funny in a manner that amplifies the emotion of the show. K-ON! makes you remember the feeling of hanging out with your friends. Every stupid joke, every failed excursion, every afternoon doing nothing, it all comes back to you. It a slice-of-life anime in its purest form.

Cons: For being a show about music, the band does’t really practice that much. The show’s more about being in a band than actually playing music. The fact that the opening and closing songs are awesome doesn’t really help its case either. Aside from that, the show’s really cute. If that’s not your cup of tea, then don’t drink it.

Watch It?: Only if you don’t want to end up buying a guitar. (which I ended up doing) (4/5)

MVP: The Opening and Closing Songs


Actually better than most real music videos.

Best Episode: Ep. 4 “Training Camp!” (Find a few good buddies, start a band)

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