Rosario + Vampire

Type: Student gets accepted to Monster High School full of murderous sexy girls.

Synopsis: Tsukune Aono is a prospective high school student who tries to get into some fancy private schools, but can only get into Monster High (technically Yokai Academy). He then meets a Vampire girl who is addicted to his blood. He later meets a Succubus, a Witch, and a Snow Fairy. They each try to help Tsukune keep the fact that he’s a human secret in a school full of demons or else he’d be killed. This is evident by the fact that they each tried to kill Tsukune when they first met him (and even afterwards).

Pros: This is an fan service harem anime with demon elements. One thing that can be considered a strength is the character Moka Akashiya (vampire girl). Her running gag of biting Tsukune dry is pretty funny. That, and her transformation to “Inner Moka” in action scenes actually make the scenes work. She’s by far the most interesting character (partly because she’s not used all that much).

Cons: A. Lot. Of. Stuff. This show screams generic. This is an fan service harem anime with demon elements. It has a pink hair girl. It has a slutty girl. It has a quiet girl. It even has a younger girl. The protagonist is of course nice and meek. The demons are, well demons. Very Japanese. Very Anime. But nothing original. Even the fan service is weak. It has nothing to hook you. Nothing at all.

Watch it?: I can think of no good reason to. So don’t. (2/5)

MVP: Inner Moka

Where the hell is her anime?

Best Episode: Ep. 13 “Tsukune and a Vampire” (Vampire vs. Nine-Tailed Fox, coolio)

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