Ouran High School Host Club

Type: Poor girl gets to join the popular boys against her will.

Synopsis: This rich school has a club called the “Ouran Host Club,” which is basically a reverse maid club. One day, frompy girl Haruhi accidentally breaks one of their vases that costs a butt load of money. The club cleans him up and decides to blackmail the newly discovered pretty boy into joining them. They then discover that he is in fact a girl, forcing them to hide the fact. As with any case with one female surrounded by lots of males, the group falls in love with her. Beautiful really.

Pros: The juxtaposition between the down to earth Haruhi with the empty headed Host Club. Haruhi is smart, level headed, but also a bit of a kill joy due to her modest background. The Host Club is the opposite, their silly, kind of stupid, but can have a good time only possible via mountains of money. Each of the characters are plays on the not so common male harem. They got a blonde husband, stoic tall guy, cool glasses dude, twins, and 18 year old kid. They even add an angry looking nice guy to even things out. The show’s the best when Haruhi reacts to the Host Clubs shinanigans, or when their cultures clash (ex: Host Club imagining what the less rich Haruhi’s house will look like). That, and Haruhi being the realest protagonist in any harem and still being likable.

Cons: Melodramatic. Their are a few episodes when the show falls into sad music melodrama that I’m admittedly not a fan of. Each of the male characters have their own drama, and some work better than others. The twins have to deal with becoming their own person. Good. Glasses dude has father issues. Good. Stoic guy has no real drama. Good. 18 year old kid refuses to grow up? Bad. Blonde husband can’t see his mother because his grandmother hate the west and threatens to withhold payments for much needed medication? Bad. Overlycomplicated. Melodramatic.

Watch it?: Leaning to a yes. (3/5)

MVP: Haruhi

Real girl forced to live in anime insanity. Classic.

Best Episode: Ep. 1 “Starting Today, You Are a Host!” (Well, is she a girl or isn’t she?)

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