Minami-ke (Season 1,2,3)

Type: Three sisters doing it for themselves

Synopsis: Three sisters, each in elementary, middle, and high school respectively, live their lives for our amusement. The youngest (Chiaki) has a bad temper and emotionally dominates her two cross-dressing friends. The middle sister (Kana) has a problem with hyperactivity and hopes to kill the boy that loves her. The oldest (Haru ka) rules the other two with a subtle but iron fist. Its basically three female Tyrants living under one roof.

Pros: The shows really funny. Chiaki is annoyed by Kana, but idolizes Haruka. Kana thinks that the guy that loves her is a middle school gang banger. Chiaki forces one of her female friends to act like a boy, and Kana forces one of Chiaki’s other friends to act like a girl because he loves Haruka. The show does a pretty good job at showcasing the relationships between the sisters and their own respective individual relationships. Very slice-of-life-esque.

Cons: The show has three seasons, but the first season is the only one to watch. The first season has its own style of humor and movement that really makes it stand out over other animes. The second season gets too bogged down with generic anime troupes. It had the hot spring episode, the removal of a main character scare, and even a lonely neighbor boy. Booooring. The third season gets back on track with the first season to a degree, but the first season is really the one to watch.

Watch it?: Just the First Season (Maybe the Third) (4/5)

MVP: Chiaki Minami

For teaching me what “Bakayaro” means.

Best Episode: S1, Ep. 13 “Fruitless Love” (Happy Drunken New Year!)

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