Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei (Season 1,2,3,4)

Type: Suicidal teacher supervises a class of weirdos

Synopsis: A depressed teacher, an optimist, a square, a furry lover, a shut-in, a stalker, a normal girl, a female pervert, an illegal, a phone crazy, a two-face, a sorry girl, a wife, a sociopath, and a bald boy all enter Japan one day and decide to call it on its crazyness.

Pros: Weird and cool and funny. SZS is part of the weird category of anime. And by weird, I mean weird by Japanese standards. It’s purposely abnormal in order to allow itself to comment on modern Japanese culture. Each episode usually notes a cultural hypocrisy. It can be as big as Japan’s economic structuring, or as small as wearing a hat on non-sunny days. Each character is also a contradiction. The Sensei is suicidal, but screams “I could have died!” after every failed attempt. A very layered anime for one that’s so linear in structure (a contradiction in itself).

Cons: This show is weird. It could turn people off. The show’s also very one dimensional on the surface. Each character is really 95% repetitive, and 5% new. Each episode follows the same structure of note an issue, and have each of the girls comment on it. It also does not have a plot, so don’t come here looking for the next anime epic.

Watch it?: Yes, but I dare you to also watch all 4 seasons plus the Ovas (4/5)

MVP: Nami Hito

Don’t say Normal!

Best Episode: Just watch them yourself (theres way too many to choose from)

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