Clannad: After Story

Type: A Sad Life anime about a Sad Life

Synopsis: Story revolves around Tomoya, a guy who married his high school sweetheart, had a kid, and then became a raging alcoholic (but not in the fun way). To be fair, his wife died giving childbirth and he didn’t have very good coping mechanisms. Then a little girl and a bear show up. Best part is, it only gets sadder from their. The show violently attack you with emotions until you lie crying in defeat. At every turn. Its relentless. Resistance is futile.

Pros: Super Emotionality. Still a word. After Story takes all the elements of Clannad, front loads its season with high school stuff, and leaves the rest of the show to deal with the consequences. Unlike other romantic animes, we get to see the teenage couple enter early adulthood. Tomoya and Nagisa’s interactions sell the show, which make their ultimate fates all the more powerful. *Spoiler Alert* Nagisa dies. But, as stated earlier, that’t not the pinnacle of sadness. The rest of the show deals with Tomoya not being able to move on for the sake of himself or even his daughter. This is exactly what would happen if one half of an anime couple died off after they “beat the odds” and got together. Heck, it happens in real life (thus, the slice-of-life moniker).Tomoya’s character growth for the rest of the anime makes it a must see. He finally becomes a good father and son, and is ultimately rewarded for it.

Cons: About a third of the this part of the series has a bunch of high school stuff that feels more like padding than anything else. It has nothing to do with plot. At all. Skip it. Really. The rest is great.

Watch it?: Absolutely, but watch Clannad first, and skip about the first nine episodes of After Story. (4/5)

MVP: Sanae Furukawa

A true Matriarch

Best Episode: Ep. 19 & 22 “The Road Home” and “Small Palms” (sob,sob,sob)

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One thought on “Clannad: After Story

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