Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan

Type: Angels repeatedly kills a guy due to feelings

Synopsis: This angel shows up at this dude’s (Sakura) house and decides to squat their for a while. She has the ability to resurrect people from the dead, leading her to kill the dude over and over again. Turns out dudesky will one day unlock the secrets of eternal life, but freeze all the women in the world at 12 years old. Due to God hating baby touchers, he sends angels to the past to kill Sakura. Basically Terminator, but anime style.

Pros: You will never get tired of seeing Sakura get killed in increasingly gruesome ways. You know that thing where anime girls hit guys for being perverts (like for peeking up their skirts?), well, this anime shows the real world consequences of being hit so hard. Lots of blood. Plus, it also goes for your left field laughs. The angel Dokuro-chan will go from being cutesy, to being violent, to being flirty. It works on so many levels. Oh, and did I mention that Sakura gets killed in increasingly gruesome ways? I did? Why? Because its awesome.

Cons: Show’s short. Only 15 minutes each. Plus, the English version tends to add the honorifics at the end of names (kun, chan, etc) which sound too unnatural in English. The show’s initial opening is also a problem. It’s way too cute for the real content of the anime. This show is also not for the easily offended. Lots of sex jokes. Lots of violence. Rated R for sure. (P.S. I also hate Sakura’s human love interest. Total yawnsville)

Watch it?: In this economy, you can’t afford not to watch it (Meaning yes, watch it) (4/5)

MVP: Dokuro Mitsukai

She only kills you ’cause she loves you

Best Episode: S2, Ep.2 “Bubbles and Scrubbing Battle! Dokuro-chan!” (he can die a happy man now)

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