Lovely Complex

Type: Tall girl stalks a short boy romance story

Synopsis: There’s this tall girl and short boy who are always paired up in high school. They decide to create an alliance in order to take the fun out of insulting them. Later, the tall girl falls in love with the boy. Then he rejects her. So obviously she falls deeper in love with him. Then shes rejected again. She then falls into obsession with him. The more he hates her, the more she wants him. Women.

Pros: Risa Koizumi. That’s right. The protagonist of a love comedy is actually the biggest reason  to watch this anime. I’ve noticed this only ever happens when the protagonist is a female. Weird. She’s very persistent. You can’t help but root for her. She’s just a tall glass of spunk. The premise is also genius. A love comedy revolving around a tall girl and a short boy. I’m a sucker for opposites attract stories.

Cons: Atsushi Ootani. That’s right. The male protagonist made this love comedy weaker. He’s just so mean to Risa.  Let me be clear, I really wanted to like this anime. I really, really did. But the show falls short of its potential so quickly that it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. It’s not even all Ootani’s fault. You can’t fault a dude for not liking a girl romantically (even though he could have been nicer and more straight forward with it). The thing is, this relationship with Ootani makes Risa look so weak. Her interest with him soon turns to desperation. Even when she wins him, he’s still an unemotional dick to her. This is a horrible message. The show should have introduced a serious alternate love interest for Risa, then show Ootani’s own growth. But contemplating on all things not is ultimately futile.

Watch it?: If it was only 12 episode. But its not (its 24), so don’t. (2/5)

MVP: Risa Koizumi

She deserves so much better

Best Episode: Ep. 1 “Freshman Year Summer! I’ll Definitely Find a Boyfriend!” (so much promise…)

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