Type: Wanna-be harem guy forced to live with a not-harem

Synopsis: A loser guy is the suckiest exorcist in his exorcist family. Once he reached adolescence, he tried to get a retainer, or demon servant. He really hoped to get a sexy demon slave girl, but was tricked by a sexy demon slave girl into becoming a not so sexy slave boy. Now he’s forced to coordinate his entire wardrobe around the magic collar around his neck.

Pros: The premise. A story about a pervy guy (Keita) whose dreams of having a harem are thwarted by the girl that likes him (Yoko) is very unique. Its also great that pervy guy’s cousin has a harem himself. Its like an anime from the perspective of a harem protagonist’s pervy friend. The show has some funny moments too (mainly concerning all things pervy). There’s also the middle arc concerning a shinigami fight. The male and female leads really get their hero moment.

Cons: Oh, so many things. Lets start with the leads Keita and Yoko. Keita is a pervy jackass who is also incredibly weak (plus I hate his collar). Yoko is a spoiled jerk. They really don’t become likable until the middle of the anime. Their fight with the Shinigami show’d just how short the show fell from its promise. Keita was all determined and clever. Yoko was all self-sacrificing and tough. They worked well together. Then it all goes away. The cousin and his harem that play opposite Keita and Yoko also felt tacted on. Way too many characters to keep track off or even care about. Plus, the fact that you know they are another dude’s harem really makes any interactions with Keita moot. I wish that the harem had been place more in the background. Almost as if a harem anime was happening while Keita and Yoko did their thing, occasionally commenting on it. More of a parody anime instead of trying to combine a harem and love comedy. An inversion of the regular formula where the non-haremcharacters are usually pushed into the shadows. Or maybe just omit the harem aspect and focus on Keita proving himself as a exorcist. His fight against the Shinigami proved that he was clever. A hero that can’t get any respect. Spider-man, but with demons. That I would have enjoyed. But as it is, it has too many elements and fails to execute any well. The ending is also extremely convoluted. It involves possible clones, viruses, time travel, immortals, destroyed city fighting, a spirit detective, and a pervert army. I mean dude, did someone just decide to add as many cliche’s as they could before the show was over!?

Watch it?: No. Don’t waste your time. (1/5)

MVP: Keita Kawahira

There’s a noble man behind that dog collar. I just know there is.

Best Episode: Ep. 13 “I Am Your Song!” (Actually doing heroic exorcist stuff with his own twist)

Video Summary: Here

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