Nurse Witch Komugi

Type: Actress is actually a magical girl

Synopsis: O.K. Kogumi is a wanna-be Japanese idol who is actually a magical girl whose been intrusted to guard the world from alien viruses by a perverted bunny rabbit. Her main idol rival is a big boobed purple haired girl who looks mysteriously like her big boobed magical girl enemy (I got a few theories). I think some other stuff happens too (also still just a theory).

Pros: Good fan service jokes plus its has its moments in dialog. Episodes are also short, so its a good choice is you need a quicky anime fix. The show’s a parody of another show called “The Soul Taker,” so theres that. And if your a magical girl fan, well, here’s the anime for you

Cons: The show’s very, eh. By “eh” I mean, kinda boring. The protagonist Komugi isn’t that fun to watch. I mean, points for giving her having a hard time. It helps to balance her childish demeanor. To be perfectly honest, the whole “magical girl” thing has never done a lot for me. The show’s supposed to be a parody anime, which is exactly why Kogumi’s actions never go exactly her way. But…I just couldn’t get into it. Its not bad, but you kinda need to be able to get beyond the magical girl thing to enjoy it. (Then again, after listening to a few seconds of the english dub, I may need to change my mind)

Watch it?: I’d say no, but its sooo short that its really up to you (2/5)

MVP: Yui Kirihara

Lady should really change her day job

Best Episode:  Ep.1 Biggest Battle at Akihabara (gives you a good gauge for the rest of the show)

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