Type: Ghost stories done anime style

Synopsis: Half-vampire goes to high school and sticks his nose into the business of a few cute girls. Each of the girls have some sort of mental demon that becomes a real demon for some reason. The half-vampire doesn’t really solve their issues, but takes the credit for it. Funny enough, half of the girls’s problems are because of the half-vamp, since he’s so damned shiny and mysterious (he is in high school after all).

Pros: An anime about ghost stories is pretty cool on paper, and the show doesn’t disappoint. Like all real ghost stories, the real monster is human nature. Each of the girl’s “demons” is the manifestation of their individual psychological issues. The show’s cool animation style and sporadic cinematics give each episode an aura of a film (especially because each episode has its own individual openings). Slow starts and intense climaxes. This one’s really worth a watch.

Cons: The protagonist Koyomi. Well, not the character, but just his back story. Problem is, you don’t know a whole lot. It all gets covered in the pilots opening, and is never really looked into again (though, given its sequel and movie, it may have in fact already been). I also have a problem over Hitagi, the female protagonist (sort of). Her back story is a bit too elaborate (it involves cults). But these things are really just nit picking an otherwise intriguing anime.

Watch it?: Yes, or it’ll haunt you later in life (5/5)

MVP: Suruga Kanbaru

To be honest, I just think shes cute

Best Episode: Ep. 9-10 “Nadeko Snake” (the whole arc)

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