Sekirei (Season 1 and 2)

Type: Big boob girls fighting tournament

Synopsis: This city just randomly sets up a fighting tournament between really hot girls (and a few dudes). One of the guys accidentally enters the tourney because the girls can only get to full power by hooking up with a person and kissing them (because of course they do). So, girl falls from the sky, guy gets stuck in the middle of a battle, guy and girl run off, they kiss, girl grows magic wings, and they manage to escape to safety. Typical first date, right?

Pros: Unique plot. Sekirei is basically a harem anime, but the twist of a fighting tournament really caught me by surprise.  The mechanics of the tournament force the participants to create different units of fighters for survival. Sekirei has an intensity to it, reminding you that the cast aren’t trying to win, but just survive. Minato is also very fun, specifically him having to deal with his new found harem. It helps balance some of the more serious moments of the show. Its really enjoyable watching protagonist Minato’s harem grow. In retrospect, Sekirei has a more realistic look at harem life (minus the violence) than most. All the characters are forced to live with one another, just like real polygamist arrangements. Show’s also funny. You got fan service (like a lot), you got dialog, you got a Three’s Company situation, and your classic harem main stays of the airhead, tsundere, little sister, glasses, mature, and even a transgender. What more could you ask for?

Cons: The pacing is kinda a problem. The tournament in the show keeps going though “stages,” forcing the participants to fight each other. Seeing that this tournament is technically a master plan for something, the rush factor makes logical sense. But, as a viewer, it goes by a little too fast. Yet at the same time, its also a bit slow at times. The tournament or project, or whatever is happening has a very informal structure, so it revs up and down a seemingly random times. The action is serviceable, but it won’t blow you away. The show does do a surprisingly good job at balancing harem, action, and comedy. Not so much with melodrama. That creeps up every now and then, and it never quite lands well.

Watch it?: Yes (4/5)

MVP: Tsukiumi

Honor bound to marriage, apparently.

Best Episode: OVA “Kusano’s First Shopping Trip” (too cute)

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