Mayo Chiki

Type: Butler girl who would do anything to keep her secret (anything)

Synopsis: One day this guy goes to the restroom and accidentally walks in on this girl, who he thought was a dude, being a very naked girl. He freaks, she freaks, somebody tries to kill somebody else, blah, blah, blah. Guy wakes up in the nurses room next to the girl’s even hotter employer. They make a deal to keep the butler-girl’s secret in exchange for attempting to cure the dudes fear of women (though, death threats and extortion don’t help).

Pros: This show is very funny. It really shouldn’t be so funny, but it is. The character that really sells it is the butler-girl Subaru. Her quick turns from badass to obsessive to girly in mere moments are to die for. The whole plot of solving the protagonist’s, Kinjiro’s, girl problems often led her to being displayed in naughty images that are so over the top that you’re just left with your mouth open in astonishment and joy. Then their’s Kinjiro, the out of luck protagonist (not original, but still good), and Kanade, the evil mastermind behind most of the show’s antics. These three, especially Subaru, are what make the show work, and work well.

Cons: A bit melodramatic at points (it is based on a light novel after all). I’m also not crazy about Masamune (rabbit girl) and Nagare (Subaru’s dad). Masamune is a bit too annoying for my taste, and Nagare is kinda unlikable. And like most animes with a strong core cast, the episode plots fall short on originality (date, beach, and school festival, motivations explored, etc.)

Watch it?: Oh dear me, yes. (4/5)

MVP: Subaru Konoe

She just needs a chance to let her hair down

Best Episode: Ep2 “I Fell in Love!” (baaaah)

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