To Love Ru

Type: Alien girl tries to force human into marriage as form of teenage rebellion


Synopsis: Guy named Rito is taking a bath where he bumps into a alien girl, Lala (which happens more often than you think). Lala decides to rope him into an intergalactic feud with the Tyrant King of the Galaxy, even though it would mean the destruction of the Earth. She then falls in love with him for reals (duh), and proceeds to stalk him. So basically, she’s the protagonist and antagonist of the show.

Pros: To Love Ru has many of the strengths common in harem anime’s. Each of the girls are attractive and quirky. It doesn’t stray away from fan service. And the plots usually find resolution in the most exaggerated manner possible. Its also funny in a gag-oriented sort of way (which is honestly the best kind).

Cons: To Love Ru is average. Nothing really pops out at you. The alien girl in the bathtub has been done. The conflict steaming from a unconventional marriage has been done. The male protagonist not really liking the female protagonist has been done. You know what, that’s another thing. Rito and Lala, not the best couple. The problem is that Rito is established in liking a girl named Haruna at the start of the anime. His feelings don’t go away. She’s his main love interest until the very end of the season. This twist on the harem plot never works. You feel bad for the first girl, annoyed at the new girl, and uncomfortable with the dude.

Watch it?: Nah, you’re not missing anything that you haven’t seen before (2/5)

MVP: Golden Darkness

Awesome Name

Best Episode: Ep. 25 “The Earth’s Final Night” (honestly, very exciting)

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