Type: Lonely people create a club for losers

Synopsis: A group of lonely people gradually gravitate towards one another to form a “friends club” for the purpose of learning how to make friends. They hang out, play games, and go on the occasional outing. Due to the fact that six of the seven members are afflicted with good looks, they clearly need all the help they can get.

 Pros: The interactions between the core cast is really the best reason the watch the anime. Each of the characters’s have these weird quirks that explain why they have no friends. The best are Yozora, a foul mouthed evil girl (I have never heard a anime heroine use the word “slut” so inventively). Sena, a bombshell rich girl. And Rika, a female sexual deviant. Some of the funner moments come from the group trying to do some sort of activity together, like Karaoke, swimming, or even exchanging phone numbers. Its a good group (plus, its pretty goddamn funny).

Cons: The show has some downer moments that aren’t fun to watch. A lot of these moments come from Yozora, whose secret emotions for the lead Kodaka leads to resentment with a lot of the group. These moments can sometime be unconfortable to watch. Then there’s Kobato, Kodaka’s sister who has a brother complex plus a vampire cosplay habit (never been a fan of either).

Watch it?: Dude, I think you have to. (4/5)

MVP: Rika Shiguma

The most valuable pervert in any anime

Best Episode: Ep.2 “There’s No God in the Electric World” (Why can’t we be friends…who slay monsters?)

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