The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Type: Group has to entertain a teenage girl or the world ends. High school.

Synopsis: Turns out God is a anime girl. Her named is Haruhi, and she gets bored easily, even unconsciously creating a secret group of aliens, time travelers, and espers (psychics) to keep her entertained. If this group doesn’t stop her from getting bored, then she will rewrite existence without even meaning to. So its just that one Twilight Zone episode, but anime style.

Pros: The premise, as its an incredibly high concept. Reality is at the mercy of a teenage girl. In her mind is a struggle to create new and interesting experiences, but also follow the dictates of logic and rationality. So anytime she bends reality to her impatient will, Kyon (protagonist), Yuki (alien), Mikuru (time traveler), and Itsuki (esper), need to cover it up with a rational explanation. Hence the conflict. The mix of funny and strange elements make this one of the most ambitious anime’s out their. A must see.

Cons: The show’s not in chronological order, which may confuse you at first. There are also sequences in which characters provide explanations about what Haruhi is or how her powers work. This would be hard to understand even if you know Japanese. There’s also some tense moments between Haruhi and Kyon that occur a bit too much. Kyon is understandably wound up with having his existence determined by Haruhi’s moods. His desire to treat Haruhi as a normal girl makes him expect some sort of normal behavior out of the aggressive and inconsiderate Haruhi. This is good a dynamic, but it sometimes makes Kyon seem too angry. There’s also the fact that the “second” season revolves around the same day repeating over and over again, which is cool at first, but gets incredibly tedious (its the same episode 8 times!!)

Watch it?: Of course! (but skip the second season’s “Endless Night” episode) (4/5)

MVP: Haruhi Suzumiya

Try to keep up.

Best Episode: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 6 (God is a teenage girl)

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