High School of the Dead

Type: Anime Grindhouse

Synopsis: Oh man! Oh man! There’s all these zombies everywhere! Everyone’s shooting and killing each others! Its all bloody and gross! And all the girls have big boobs! It was sooo cool!

Pros: So. many. Zombies. This is a zombie story done through the anime style. There’s no superpowers, no sunny optimism, and no happy endings. Like all great zombie stories, this is about a group of people trying to survive as humanity is literally and metaphorically dying around them. They have to get from point A to point B without losing themselves to sorrow and despair. But its also a zombie story done through the grindhouse style. This means lots of violence and lots of sex, which are delivered superbly via the anime style of animation. If you like guys like Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, then you’ll love this anime.

Cons: There’s not really anything wrong with it. The violent and sexual imagery make is unsuitable for younger viewers. If you’re offended by sexploitation, then this one isn’t for you. It ends rather abruptly. On a personal note, I disliked the character Rei Miyamoto (too high maintanence). And its still an anime, with some anime troupes (ex: the girls with big boobs), so anyone looking for a strictly  traditional western zombie story may be turned off.

Watch it?: Yes. Anime Grindhouse. (5/5)

MVP: Kohta Hirano & The Opening


First One for his sheer insanity, the Second for its sheer awesomeness

Best Episode?: Ep. 9 “The Sword and Dead”  (so sexy, yet so deadly)

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