Princess Jellyfish

Type: Cross-dressing eye for the loser girl

Synopsis: A bunch of the sorriest losers in femaledom live together in this dorm called Amamizukan. Then one of them befriends a cross-dresser. The cross-dresser has to help the group of losers keep their home from being demolished for redevelopment.  There’s also a lot of talk involving jellyfish (but for some reason I can’t pinpoint why…)

Pros: This show only has 11 episodes, but it felt like it had a whole lot more. That’s not a bad thing. It manages to put a lot of story in a very slim package without ever feeling rushed. The best parts of the show are all the little moments, like when Shu (politician’s son) gets angry over being lied to, or when Tsukimi (protagonist) remembers her mom, or Kuranosuke’s growing romantic feeling for Tsukimi. These three characters are also coincidentally the best part of the show.

Cons: The supporting cast (with the exception of Shu). All of Tsukimi’s dorm mates in Amamizukan are very annoying. They each have some sort of weird obsession and are stubbornly attached to their anti-social behavior (no jobs, no education, no life). They are very, very, very unlikable. Almost unwatchable. And since they’re in the majority of the anime, they make the show almost as unwatchable.

Watch it?: If you can look past the tenets of Amamizukan, then you’ll be able to find a nice little story (3/5)

MVP: Shu Koibuchi

A surprisingly good man

Best Episode: Ep. 4 “Let’s Meet at the Aquarium” (under the sea…)

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