Princess Lover!

Type: An anime about a dude loving some Princesses (duh)

Synopsis: Teppei Arima is a perfectly happy poor kid living with his parents until they’re horribly killed. Flash forward a year, and we see Teppei saving a big boobed girl from would be assassins. Then it turns out his mom’s family is stinkin’ rich. This news results in Teppei getting his own house, his own hot maid, and acceptance into a private school full of hot rich girls. Its like Batman, but with more booty and less thugs. And like all great Batman stories, its also got an, ahem,  adult tie-in episode….so, yeah.

Pros: It’s actually pretty fun. Teppei’s fish out of water story works really well. You enjoy Teppei’s dealing with most of his love interests. Sylvia and Teppei can actually carry a conversation with one another like equals (despite her humorous Tsundere character). Saika is able to keep Teppei on his toes. And Yu gives off this whole Cinderella vibe that it actually give Teppei a prince charming like aura. Its also got some good intense moments that help separate it from your generic harem shows. And some swell fan service to boot.

Cons: Surprisingly, its not the subplot involving terrorist assassins. That was actually pretty interesting. The real problem is Charlotte, whose supposed to be the main female protagonist (she’s got pink hair and everything). She’s way too chipper about all the kidnappings she goes through. She just bugs me, you know? She could have been omitted pretty easily from the story with no real problem (hell, she was omitted from the erotic episode….not that I would know anything about that).

Watch It?: I wouldn’t re-watch it, but a once over wouldn’t hurt (3/5)

MVP: Sylvia van Hossen

It could have been Yu, but who can resist a lady who could stab you?

Best Episode: Again, I know which you’ll watch (just remember to look the door this time)

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