Type: Porn writer looking for respect

Synopsis: This school has the weirdest student populous requirement, each having to be geniuses. But, I guess in order to justify its lavish and unnecessary funding, it allows all kinds of geniuses. Our story follows Taketo Akutagawa, a genius writer that specializes in erotica. And only erotica, which makes his a social outcast. But lets get back to this school thing. How can a writer be a genius? or a photographer? Its not even art! All you do is push a button an-THIS SENTENCE HAS BEEN OMITTED BY THE NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY ASSOCIATION.

Pros: The best part of this show is when Taketo gets respect from his fellow students. The premise that Taketo’s brand of genius isolates him from the other students makes for a lot of funny moments. Its especially funny when girls really get interested in Taketo’s work, much to Taketo’s own embarrassing. Its like he really wants to be recognized for his special skills, but knows that his work isn’t meant to be publicly celebrated.

Cons: The whole show lacks depth. Taketo’s plight is undercut by the fact that he’s pretty proud of his ability to write erotica. It makes his seem a bit too conceited. The main theme of the show is that one’s genius can be a gift and curse, as each character is hurt by what makes them special. But I never really bought it. You just don’t empathize with any of the characters that much. The fan service is pretty good, but too little too late.

Watch it?: Nah, its pretty weak (2/5)

MVP: Utae Sonokoe

Its pretty cute when a bright eyed girl likes a pervert

Best Episode: Ep. 7 “Story of the Girl’s Dormitory” (if only he used his powers for good)

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