Angel Beats!

Type: People trying to fight anime girl God with guns

Synopsis: A plucky girl in limbo decides to fight off destiny by forming a club of rebels without causes for her own cause. They incite terrible theological conflicts in the form of rock concerts and gun fire. The girl really goes to a lot of trouble in order to not graduate from high school. Because, like all anime heroines, she will disappear from existence once high school is over.

Pros: A strong balance between comedy and drama. Angel Beats! did something I really liked. It was able to be super silly and heartbreakingly tragic at the same time. The basic premise is that the cast is in limbo because they had unfulfilled lives. Some dies young, some didn’t accomplish goals, and other just had tragic lives. This early revelation creeps up and eventually takes over the show, making the first episode and last episode almost seem like different shows. Even the three main characters Otonashi, Yuri, and Angel grow considerably over the course of the show, gaining almost a surprising and welcome level of depth. But the humor of the show is able to keep on par with the emotion of the show. Every character has some sort of shtick soo stupidly funny (morons, muscled geeks, Christ-wannabe, ect). Then there’s limbo.  Limbo prevents anyone from dying, so we get a lot of humorous deaths (*spoiler: one involves a rocket desk).

Cons: Some of the inner logic of the show is confusing at times. I’m not really sure why limbo would be hackable. Or how could a bunch of young people build a secret weapons factory. And some of the cast backstories are either too melodramatically clique (twins, little sisters) or non existent (only 7 out of 15 cast members get one). Aside from that, I kinda wish it were a little longer, maybe in OVA form. The cast grows on you, and I wish I could have spend more time with the supporting cast and learn about their whole deal (I mean, wouldn’t you want to know what a Ninja and an American break dancer are doing there?)

Watch it?: Angel please. Of course you should. (5/5)


Drop that beat son!

Best Episode: Ep.13 “Graduation” (what a long, strange trip its been)

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