High School DxD

Type: Double D girl enlaves dim witted boy

Synopsis: Issei thought he had it made. He had achieved animedoms greatest goal: dating a cute girl. Then the girl kills him. But, having perhaps the weirdest luck in history, he’s resurrected as a demon by an even cuter girl. So in exchange for a few minutes of death, he got demonic powers, possible immortality, and the affections of a busty demon princess. Some shmucks get all the breaks.

Pros: You get a lot of fan service (like a lot). Issei’s pretty pervy, but his own sense of decorum prevents him from going over the edge (though, he does win a fighting tournament by targeting the girl’s panties). He’s also got a nice sense of justice, making his interactions with the character Asia Argento, a nun, very funny. She’s basically the only person he won’t make an inappropriate pass on (even if she herself secretly wants him to). It may be a little basic in terms of its action scenes and plot, but its got a lot of potential.

Cons: Like I said, its got potential. But it ends too early. Some action anime need a lot of episodes in order to properly soak in. But as it is, High School DXD doesn’t give you enough time with the characters to get attached. Its a shame, because the manga is really enjoyable (and the light novel probably is too). Sure, it didn’t quite translate as well as it could have, but given more time, who knows?

Watch it?: Not yet. Unless of course you’re itching for some fan service. (3/5)

MVP: Asia Argento

Demon Nuns, so adorable

Best Episode: Ep.2 “I’m Done Being Human!” (what a way to wake up)

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