Omamori Himari

Type: Sexy demon cat bodyguard

Synopsis: It turns out that this high schooler’s family is one of the twelve demon slayer families in Japan. But for whatever reason his parents decided that being demon slayers was way too metal for them, and quit. Their wussiness backfires when they accidentally die and leave their only son at the mercy of the demon world, half who want to kill him out of revenge, and the other half out of fear. He’s left no choice but to collect a group of girls, a stable if you will, to protect his standard of living.

Pros: The term “fan servecy harem-action anime” gets thrown around a lot these days, but one should not overlook a show simply because of its initial appearance. One needs to ask, what caliber of “fan servecy harem-action animeness” does the show offer? The answer, quite a lot.

Cons: There’s nothing inherently bad about Omamori Himari. The jokes land well enough. The fan service is very prevalent. The action won’t bore you. Sometimes it may even excite you. The plots also fairly interesting. The protagonist Yuto’s initial resistance to becoming a demon slayer comes from a pacifist stance that evolves naturally into accepting his heritage. Himari’s (sexy cat bodyguard) romantic interactions with Yuto (who is allergic to cats by the way) is also very funny. The issue with the show is that its a bit too clique. The whole demon premise is used a lot. So it won’t blow you away.

Watch it?: Its not a must see, but you may like it. (2/5)

MVP?: Himari Noihara

Whose a bad kitty?

Best Episode: Ep. 6 “Kiss x Cat x KISS” (the last scene is gold)

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