Dear S

Type: Anime about what to do when you find a naked alien on the street

Synopsis: About a year ago, a large number of aliens crash landed on earth. They would have been killed and experimented on, but they were hot, so they were given full citizenship instead. Move to present day, when local alien hater Takeya finds a destitute alien named Ren and accidentally makes her his slave (yep, turns out their actually a slave race).

Pros: The best part of DearS are the scenes that deal with Ren’s unfamiliarity with human customs. Its funny that she needs three tons of bread to satisfy her. Its funny when she makes friends with everyone at the school without even trying. Its funny when she show’s off her ignorance towards human modesty. Its your classic alien girl story. (P.S. the teacher is also F@#$ hilarious)

Cons: A lot of the melodramatic moments are annoying. For example, the protagonist Takeya dislikes aliens and isn’t comfortable with having slaves. But even after the entire season with Ren, he still lets the alien overloads recall her. His emotional immaturity is grating at times. In fact, a lot of the character’s have quirks you won’t like (Naneko’s feelings feel tacked on, Miu’s a jerk, and I already mentioned Takeya).

Watch it?: Its got more good moments than bad, so maybe. (3/5)

MVP: Ms. Mitsuka


Best Episode: Ep. 10 “Is It A Golden Ball?” (hot springs!)

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