Soul Eater

Type: Grim Reaper school for kids

Synopsis: A school secretly located in Nevada, USA, teaches a bunch of kids to hunt down evil spirits and witches in order to create weapons for the Grim Reaper. That pretty much says it all. (Unless you forget to mention that this particular school year focuses on stopping an insane god from being reborn. Whats that? I did forget to mention that? Oh. My bad.)

Pros: This was actually a pretty cool show. Its art style is far-out, giving it its own distinct feel that makes it stand out  from other action anime. I liked that every witch was based on an animal. I liked that every student (or meister) had their own unique weapon. I liked that the main theme of the show was “madness,” which feed into the whole aesthetic of the show. I liked that it could do a really serious fight scenes one minute, a rather disturbing scene the next, and a absolutely silly scene after that. Versatile. I just liked that show.

Cons: As much as I liked the show, some things did bug me. First, the antagonist Medusa. She’s supposed to be this manipulative badass, but she never seemed like that big a threat. She always seemed from like a crony. Second, the meister Dr. Franken Stein. He’s supposed to be the strongest graduate from the Grim Reaper’s school, but I had a hard time buying that. He never really lives up to his reputation. He’s a lesser version of the Kakashi Hatake character. Third, and this is a positive really, I wish the show had explored some of the other meisters students a little more. Their was this one guy with metal boxing gloves that looked awesome. So I hope that the show gets more episodes in the future.

Watch it?: Its too cool not to. (4/5)

MVP: Black Star

Little punk with a loud voice, whats not to love?

Best Episode: Ep. 17 “Legend of the Holy Sword 2 – Wanna Go Drinking, Gambling, and Playing?” (Excalibur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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