The Familiar of Zero (Seasons 1-3)

Type: Witch summons guy for some reason

Synopsis: This witch names Louise is a total zero (and I ain’t talking cup size, though now that you mention it…). She sucks at magic, and tries to redeem herself by summoning a kick-ass familiar. But instead she summons Saito, some nobody from Japan. Later its revealed that Louise has a type of Ancient magic, blah, blah, blah, Saito is a hero of legend, yak, yak, yak, and four seasons later they go live in Japan.

Pros: O.k. Honestly. This anime has a charm to it thats kinda hard to explain. Its set in a fantasy setting, their are wizards and dragons. Every season a new baddy shows up, while others are established for later. You’ll actually enjoy it more if you watch all four seasons. Character’s evolve at a slower pace, which is nice. They have to deal with new issues every season. Take the main characters Louise and Saito. They go from bickering to married, and have to contend with world wide crises, different senses of duty and honor, a myriad of rival suitors (particularly the Princess and the Maid), and romantic experimentation. It does a surprisingly good job exploring different aspects of medieval politics and young love. So if your looking for an anime the mixes aspects of Game of Thrones with Friends, then this is for you.

Cons: Like I said, this is a fantasy anime. The action isn’t that great. The usual suspects are all here; elves, wizards, dragons, rebellions, invasions, ancient magic, evil kings etc. So if fantasy isn’t your thing, you probably won’t like it. It’s also slower paced than other anime’s due its four seasons. So while every season has its own story arcs, it won’t keep you heart racing or your belly laughing every minute. And outside of Saito, Louise, and the Princess, most of the characters are one-dimensional. So don’t look for much character depth there.

Watch it?: You like it, but you won’t love it. (3/5)

MVP: Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière

Oh Jelousy! Thought art are a pink haired fickle mistress

Best Episode: The Entire Second Season (funnier, sexier, and more action packed)

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