Demon King Daimao

Type: Future Demon King tries to survive Magic School

Synopsis: Nice guy Akuto Sai has a dream of becoming the Magic-Pope. Then his school aptitude test told him he was going to be a Demon King. Like all teenagers, he resists the idea at first, but soon discovers that standardized testing is never wrong.

Pros: The premise really exited me. I loved the idea of a nice guy fighting against his evil destiny. Everything he does is misconstrued as malicious. He doesn’t seek to become Demon King, its pushed on him. He becomes a demon king through no real effort of his own. The best example of this is a scene in the anime that pictures Akuto with his harem, which consists of: A ninja assassin that wants to kill him, an evil witch that tried to kill him, an android that’s supposed to spy on him, and an airhead that’s just there for kicks. He’s just sitting on his throne and next to his dragon, both of whom he discovered by accident. The whole situation is very amusing. (P.S. lots of fan service in this one).

Cons: As the series progresses, it starts to change from a lighthearted comedy to a full blown action anime. And by full blown action anime, I mean giant dragons attacking the world’s established social structure as a madman tries to kill the main love interest. Once the cast starts using the word “God,” you know it really means “social norms.” So you can guess that the “Demon King” isn’t really “evil” (despite appearances), but instead a social rebel. I was also turned off by the fact that Akuto fully embraces his Demon King powers too quickly, which contradicts the whole premise of the show. The last half of the anime takes you down this path, and the last episode is so convoluted and sudden, that you’re left wondering what the hell actually happened. The series started with great potential, but ultimately failed to live up to it.

Watch it?: Watch the first six episodes, and skip the last six (3/5)

MVP: Junko Hattori

Some girls just can’t help loving the Bad Boy

Best Episode: Ep. 5 “Caution! Underground Labyrinth” (the last shot says it all)

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