Kemeko Deluxe!

Type: Creepy robot girl stalks boy into Marriage

Synopsis: Imagine you live in a house with a mangaka for a mother and a housewife for a sister. Then imagine you have a childhood friend with Double D boobs who also has a mad crush on you. With me so far? O.k. Now imagine your inside said house, in your own room in fact, when a group of robots break through your window and start attacking you! But, that’s not all! Suddenly a small creepy robot in a weeding dress defeats all the robots and claims you as her robo-husband! And guess what? It only gets crazier from there!

Pros: Goddam it is this show funny. Funny as Hell! It’s all thanks to Kemeko the robot. This robot is soo creepy, yet it still manages to gain the complete trust of everyone around her. The protagonist Sanpeita is literally the only one that seems to realize how crazy and over the top Kemeko is, which is hilarious. It’s even more crazy when you realize that Kemeko is being controlled by a pretty pilot (M.M) whose too shy to come out. On top of that, you actually get good fan service laughs that don’t feel cheap or just for show, thanks to the busty Izumi. Honestly, if you don’t find yourself laughing when watching this show, then something is seriously wrong with you.

Cons: I wish it had more than one season. O.k., o.k., I’ll try harder. Uh, the um, oh! I got it! The background plot of the show is kinda weak. Its basically that M.M. belongs to this corporation that wants something out of Sanpieta, but she has inconsistent amnesia, and feels some sort of bond that makes her protect him. But this is minor complaint at best.

Watch it?: Duh. (4/5)

MVP: Kemeko

No words Ladies and Gentlemen. No words.

Best Episode: Ep. 4 When She Changes Into a Swimsuit (man, this show is so great!)

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