Final Approach

Type: Federally Enforced Arranged Marriage

Synopsis: So apparently, all those loud mouth old people on TV were right, the government is out to get you. At least that’s the case for Ryo Muzuhara, whose forced into a marriage by his elected officials in order to increase his country’s net population. Enter Shizuka Masuda, whose incredibly psyched at the idea of manufacturing babies by the barrow full. Now that’s patriotism.

Pros: Short, sweet, and usually to the point. Each episode runs under 15 minutes, so anyone with a busy day can still get their anime fix. Its also gag oriented, using cartoony figures and actions to convey the jokes. Shizuka Masuda’s probably the best argument for watching the show. Her aggressive lovey-dovey nature is explored and explained in a manner that makes you sympathetic to her story.

Cons: Despite being made in 2004, this show looks a whole lot older. The character models look like they were designed from a “How to draw Manga” book. It also has a lot of old school anime episode troupes, being a lot more wacky in nature. This means that despite being only 15 minutes, you’ll find yourself skipping some episodes because you already know whats going on (basically the whole Ehimo arc is cookie cutter old anime). Something weird also happens with the protagonist. At the start, you find yourself liking Ryo more than Shizuka. Your can empathize with  Ryo’s reluctance to the government-arranged marriage. He’s not a jerk to Shizuka, which is why you like him. But you warm up to Shizuka when her backstory is explored. So ironically, this short show takes a bit to grow on you (story wise, not humor wise).

Watch it?: Yeah, but feel free to skip as much as you want (3/5)

MVP: Shizuka Masuda

She wore me down

Best Episode: Ep. 1 “Panic Visit!! Pretty Girl of Love and Destiny!” (one of the stronger anime pilots)

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