A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives

Type: Zombie + Vampire = Love

Synopsis: One day, a dude gets hit by a truck. Then he finds out he’s a zombie (sort of). Then he remembers that his childhood vampire girlfriend (because those exist) is being held prisoner somewhere. Reunited, the couple have to contend with crazy twins, alternate personalities, feminine kidnappers, and desperatly pathetic love rivals. Bet the dude wished the truck had done a better job.

Pros: It takes a while, but by the end you warm up to it. What begins as a comedy then transforms into a romance, but finally ends up as an action show. Once you know what it is, you enjoy it a whole lot more. The final cast is someone you can imagine following for 50 or more episodes. It leaves you wanting more.

Cons: It takes a while to warm up to it. When you fist watch the show, you get the impression that its a comedy. Zombie guy gets killed alot, that’s awesome. Then it morphs into a romance story. Then you’re like, O.k. The main couple Taito and Saitohimea are bland, but the supernatural stuff gives them some flavor. Then after seven long episodes, it finally clicks: “Oh, this is an action anime!” By then, the main cast has formed into a solid team that makes sense. Less emphasis is put on Tainto and Saitohimea (because they will get on your nerves). The show needs more episodes to wash away the taste of the first seven, or else it’ll be tainted by the bad romantic subplot.

Watch it?: Not Yet (2/5)

MVP: Gekkou Kurenai

Must be hard to be a Genius in a room full of Idiots

Best Episode: Ep. 8 “The Student Council of Remedial Students” (when it finally starts being watchable)

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