Is This a Zombie?

Type: Zombie Magical Girl Boy

Synopsis: Ayumu Aikawa is killed one night by a serial killer. Lucky for him, he had entertained a cute girl with his break dancing skills a few hours earlier. That girl was a necromancer, who revives him as her slave. Then, about a month later, he accidentally absorbs the powers of a Magical Girl for himself. He later gets accidentally engaged (married?) to a ninja vampire, thus making him a Zombie Magical Girl Boy member of a Vampire Ninja clan.

Pros: Man, this show is awesome! When its On, brother, it is On. First, Ayumu is a zombie, so he’s always killed in some hilarious way. Second, he’s a magical girl, and ends up fighting his enemies in a cute magical girl outfit. Third, he has three vampire ninjas crushing on him, two of which refer to him a a piece of shit. Fourth, he deals with all these stresses mentally by imagining that the necromancer, Eu talks like a love lore little sister. So not only is he a Zombie Magic Girl, he’s also an extremely rare interesting harem protagonist.

Cons: This first season is weaker than the second season. The first season deals with Ayumu’s death, then follows up with the Necromaner’s back story. Whenever the “plot” shows up, it drags the show dangerously close to generic waters. Ayumu’s murderer is crazy, but Ayumu gains victory. Eu is “kidnapped” and Ayumu has to save her while simultaneously affirming his feelings for her. Luckily, the second season manages to insert the plot more organically than the first.

Watch it?: Do you even have to ask? (4/5)

MVP: Mael Strom

School Wives are the best kind of Wives

Best Episode: S2, Ep.4 “No, Get Lost, Good Sir” (Cosplay Cafe Tournament!)

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