Type: Something to do with Space Guitars

Synopsis: Naota is a kid from Japan whose jealous of his brother’s baseball career, confused over the feelings of a seventeen year old girl, and physically in pain when he’s being run over by a space detective who now doubles as his live in maid. His bouts with cynicism aren’t helped by the fact that a war between robot, space pirates, and galaxy police has designated his forehead as a gateway to use Earth as a battlefield. Bummer bro.

Pros: How does one explain FLCL? Visually, its stunning in an erratic sort of way. For example, the town depicted has a blue collar feel, but at the same time, you can accept that its from the not too distant future. The show’s crazy plot involving space robots and detectives that fight with guitars mask a coming of age story that’s rather touching at some points. This show is more like a prolonged anime movie than an actual anime show proper.

Cons: Again, its hard to explain. The show throws a lot at you, but you sort of have to accept it. Pirate kings, robots, flying guitars. Its the type of show that you may need to see more than once to get the full meaning. Its weird. (p.s. I’m also not crazy about all the full grown women feeling up Naota, cause he’s like only 12).

Watch it?: Hell, rewatch it (4/5)

MVP: Haruko Haruhara

All guitar chicks are crazy

Best Episode: All of it (it only has 6 episodes)

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