Type: Robots who change the World with the Power of Song

Synopsis: O.k. um. This…is…about….robots? It stars Ayato Kamina, who lives in “Neo Tokyo” where time goes…slower?…than everywhere else. He escapes and is drafter by this older lady into fighting in the army. Then a bunch of stuff happens…I think.

Pros: Even if you don’t understand what’s going on all the time, you’ll still find yourself liking this anime. Theirs a lot going on, but you manage to absorb the more important bits. Ayato escapes his brain washing home, he struggles to remember things from his past, he’s distrusted due to his alien heritage, and he feels some weird over fighting his people. That part is pretty clear. You may not understand what all the alien stuff does, but you buy into the fact that its trippy and weird.

Cons: I feel that if I was smarter, I would be able to enjoy it better. Their are a lot of themes in this outside of the obvious war and political themes. The designs borrow from Mayan and ancient native art, songs and sound play a role, along with color, art, and probably a bunch of other stuff that I missed. So you’ll like it, but you may find yourself scratching your head a few times.

Watch it?: Yeah, but maybe wait till you’ve had some years at University to do so (4/5)

MVP: Jin Kunugi

Went out like a Boss

Best Episode:¬†Ep. 23 “Far Beyond Eternity” (made a lot of stuff click)

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