Samurai Champloo

Type: Hip-Hop Samurai fights

Synopsis: Ditzy waitress Fuu is looking for her father, “a Samurai that smells of Sunflower.” As luck would have it, she manages to get two wandering swordsmen into her debt. Mugen is a slob with an unorthodox break-dancing fighting style, Jin is a prim and proper rounin well versed in the traditional samurai sword style. Its the original odd-couple! You know…if it was set in Edo Japan…and had a recurring female lead…and was about rap.

Pros: The entire show is very well done. It mixes historical events, anime fights, and rap culture all into one very fun show. Fuu’s seach gives the show a reason for exploring 19th century Japan. Much of the show is essentially about rebellion and change, which is amplified by the use the hip-hip soundtrack. Each fight is also well handled. Mugen and Jin are fun to watch, but their not super human. Its nice to see an anime where the good guys can’t decimate a group of opponents with one move. Overall, an excellent show.

Cons: Nothing really….Nope, still nothing. Some episodes tend to veer off course a little, like the one involving a ninja. I also think that Jin isn’t given as much attention as Mugen. But that’s about it.

Watch it?: F@#$ Yeah! (5/5)

MVP?: Mugen

Baddest Man on the Planet

Best Episode: Ep. 18 “War of the Words” (the kids call it art, I call the cops)

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