Eureka Seven

Type: The Story of a Boy and a Girl

Synopsis: A boy named Renton Thurston joins a half hippy / half skater / half military mercenary group called Gekkostate in order to get closer to this girl named Eureka (pronounced E-U-RE-KA for some stupid reason). Now, most of the crew of Gekkostate are tools at best, and a-holes at worst. But given that most of his world seems to be populated with tools and a-holes, they can be somewhat forgiven…Oh! there’s also a bunch of stuff involving giant robots and floaty alien sea creatures.

Pros: The best reason to watch this show is Renton and Eureka’s relationship. They go from strangers to lovers.They mature together. The show’s exploration of young love is its strongest aspect. The second strongest aspect is probably the  consequences of war, and it’s affect people’s lives, as the Gekkostate itself is a mercenary group, and its leaders are ex-military. In this aspect, it has a weird Third World vibe to it.

Cons: Some aspects of this show are either too depressing or too uncomfortable. In the show people get depressed, they get angry, they get abusive, they don’t make the best decisions. It’s strangely realistic in displaying peoples emotions, as most emotions are admittedly erratic. One example is who often Renton gets slapped around. It happens quite a bit (which is probably what would happen if a 14 year old joined a mercenary group). The plots also not the easiest to understand (what the hell is with mecha anime and sociapolitical/theological plots?).

Watch it?: Yeah, but don’t do it at 4:30 a.m. like I did (4/5)

MVP: Eureka

Don’t know why…maybe its the blue hair

Best Episode: Ep. 26 “Morning Glory” (their finally back together again)

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