Maria Holic

Type: All girls school

Synopsis: Kanako is a pervert and a lesbian, so her acceptance into the all girls school of Ame No Kisaki is a dream come true, right? Wrong. Because on her first day, her very first day, Kanako accidentally discovered that the school’s idol, Mariya, was actually a dude in drag. Her life is then hijacked by the guy in order to protect his secret. Ironically, as the story progresses, it seems that what he really does is protect the school from Kanako’s prevertiness.

Pros: Man is this show funny. It has a style that’s strangely familiar. The real draw is Kanako herself. She plays your classic anime pervert. She has nosebleeds. She daydreams about naughty stuff. She has a crush on every girl she meets. Shes not particularly intelligent. For some reason, having a woman portray all these traits is ridiculously funny. Its also a breath of fresh air to have a female protagonist that’s not perfect, super kind, wise, or used for fan service. I also really liked the opening for season one. It has become one of my all time favorites.

Cons: I don’t know why, but something kept this show just shy of awesome status. Maybe it was the private school setting. Or the semi-weak supporting characters. Outside of Kanako, Mariya, and Matsurika, the characters don’t really add much to the show. The second season also has two episodes that are weirdly generic, one involving a little kid, and the other a birthday. But, otherwise, its still a fun show.

Watch it?: I recommend it. (4/5)

MVP: Kanako Miyamae

Why can’t more characters be like her?

Best Episode: S2, Ep.5 “Defiled Sisters/Fingertip of Mischief” (I wish she had kept her long hair!)

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